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Praise for Amy Walker and the AWC Team

“Highly recommend this program!”

I am in Week 7 of The Business Mastery Program. We decided to invest into this training because I knew deep down there was a hole in my system and no matter how hard I analyzed it, I couldn't figure … Continued...

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Danger, Danger! (Imagine red flashing lights.)   That’s what goes through my head every time I meet a business owner who has mispriced their products or services. Underpricing will slowly put you out of business, and you might not even realize the problem. Overpricing will leave you with unhappy customers. Many small business owners are […]

5 Ways to Get Back On Track Now That the Kids are Back in School

Can you hear that?  It’s 9 am and the house is quiet. AMAZING! Breathe it in. Schedules, routines, and focus are practically swimming around you! Every summer I start out with a master plan and an intention not to get distracted in my business. And then… scout camp, girls camp, family reunion, band camp, football […]

Save Your PR Bucks and Get Noticed for Free

The beauty of digital marketing and new media is that it gives an easy entry into the world of business. The downside is that almost anyone can look like a superstar online. It makes it more of a challenge to separate out the appearance of awesome with businesses that are actually awesome to work with. […]