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Praise for Amy Walker and the AWC Team

“Highly recommend this program!”

I am in Week 7 of The Business Mastery Program. We decided to invest into this training because I knew deep down there was a hole in my system and no matter how hard I analyzed it, I couldn't figure … Continued...

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Everyone loves the idea of opening new revenue streams in their business. Every business owner knows multiple streams of revenue are better than 1 stream of revenue! This year, we made some adjustments in our revenue streams that have been very profitable. HOWEVER, we’ve also been through those attempts at opening up new revenue streams […]

Increased Sales are Good, but Increased Profits are Great

“We need to increase sales!”   “Alright team, here’s the sales goal for this week.” “What are the sales reports looking like?” Sales, sales, sales, sales, sales. That was the name of my game for my first few years in business. And in complete transparency, we increased in sales yearly. However, that didn’t mean we […]

Happy Independence Day, Is your Independence growing?

Happy Independence Day. I hope this blog post sits in your inbox for at least a day and that you are sitting by the lake, grill, beach, pool etc. Insert your own brand of fun. The funny thing about business ownership is that we start for the independence, and too often find ourselves slaves to […]