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Praise for Amy Walker and the AWC Team

“Highly recommend this program!”

I am in Week 7 of The Business Mastery Program. We decided to invest into this training because I knew deep down there was a hole in my system and no matter how hard I analyzed it, I couldn't figure … Continued...

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How to Know if You’re Lazy or Just Tired

I’ve only been described as lazy a handful of times in my life, and most of them have come from my parents regarding unfinished chores. They are right that cleaning house isn’t really my thing. But I prefer to look at it as choosing to focus on alternate activities rather than a laziness with housework. […]

What to Do When You Get the Urge to Change Everything

“Nothings working!” “Our sales team isn’t performing!” “We don’t have enough leads!” “Everything is a huge mess right now!” When was the last time you found yourself being a little dramatic in your reactions to your business?  You aren’t alone. I do it. The majority of my clients do it too. I’ve been an entrepreneur […]

Today is the Day to Lock-In Your Plan for December

Is anyone else feeling like December has eaten the last week of November?  We have our first Holiday band concert on November 30th and the holiday madness is already in full swing. Let’s be honest, December is a stressful month for most people over the age of 18. But when you’re a business owner, you’ve […]