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Praise for Amy Walker and the AWC Team

“Highly recommend this program!”

I am in Week 7 of The Business Mastery Program. We decided to invest into this training because I knew deep down there was a hole in my system and no matter how hard I analyzed it, I couldn't figure … Continued...

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14,000 Feet and Falling

“I volunteered you for something.”  Marcie smiled sweetly at me in the hallway at church 6 months ago. If it was only the smile, I wouldn’t have thought much about it. But the eyes gave her away. The smile spoke nothing, the eyes were dancing with mischief. “We’re going skydiving and I said you’d do […]

Are You Following These Success Formulas?

Success is not magical!  It’s not for the chosen few, the lucky ones, the extra tall or particularly beautiful. Well maybe in Basketball or Hollywood it is, but in the business world, success is very formulaic. If you follow the formula, you’re likely to find results. Here’s some critical success formulas in business. Mindset + […]