Hi, I’m Amy.

I believe your business can be simple! I believe you can make sense of your marketing. I know with the right strategy, sales can be engaging and fun!
And I’ll show you how!

As a client acquisition specialist, my job is to help you
figure out the simplest path to consistently finding your dream clients!

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The Ultimate Marketing Calendar

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I am not a salesperson sales book

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Amy’s Story

Everything you want is possible with the right strategy and strong implementation. 

I am a pretty ordinary person with one superpower: Strategy. When a client tells me what they want, I can see the process in my mind. I believe in solving problems, simplifying your strategy, clarifying confusion, and communicating your vision to everyone around you. There is power to getting your business in order. 

Ten years ago, I was a struggling entrepreneur trying to figure out how to make business work with a husband and three little boys at home. Today, there are 5 boys, they are not nearly so little. My husband and I run our company together. We bought our dream farm, realized we aren’t farmers, moved to the next dream house in a neighborhood, and LOVE running business and family. Along the way, we’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs grow a life and business they LOVE to run.

Let’s get started building the business you’ve always dreamed of.