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Amy Walker is a highly sought after professional speaker, business coach and radio show host. Amy is a master presenter and has influenced thousands with her high energy, content rich style. Amy is an expert communicator.

Amy is available for TV, Radio, or print interviews.

Please download her press kit and submit a press request to schedule.


Amy Walker has been featured in:

Fast Company: “How To Be Influential Without Being Manipulative”

Influence is as good as gold in business. Not only do we want it, we need it. A marketing plan that doesn’t influence prospective customers is a failure. So is a manager who can’t influence a team to collaborate. But influence has an evil twin, and it’s called “manipulation.” (continue reading…)

American Express: “How Price and Package Adjustments Can Increase Consumer Spending”

The early days of the pandemic seemed to signal disaster for nearly a decade of increasing consumerism – the uncertainty of the outbreak’s extent paired with a steep drop in retail sales invoked concerns and questions about the institutions that had been built during the brick-and-mortar era. (continue reading…)

HuffPost: “When Legacy Drives You: The Amy Walker Story”

Amy Walker started her business right before her youngest child was born. “I had a fantastic job running the sales team for a mentoring company. I was six weeks away from having my 5th son when I left the dream job to start my own business. (continue reading…)

U.S. News & World Report Today: 4 Ways to Find Work-Life Balance During the Holidays

We’re all trying to squeeze a month’s worth of work into a few weeks so we can take time off,” says business coach Amy Walker. (continue reading…)

DIY Marketers: DIY Marketing Organization Tips for 2015

We’ve all heard that it takes 7 times to close a sale, but most of the business owners I work with only follow up 2-3 times.” (continue reading…)

 Inside the Jungle MagazineBreaking through the Family Barrier

I am 34 years old, married, mom to 5 boys, and running a 6 figure- 1 year old startup company. It’s wild.” (continue reading…, page 30)

Inside the Jungle Magazine: Bonus Interview with Amy

Q: What is your definition of “success”—yours and yours alone?
A: Knowing that I am using all of the talents God gave me to bless the lives of others and having fun in the process.” (continue reading…, page 32)

La Font Magazine: Success On Your Own Terms