Business woman sales tips

I have been in sales for 16 years now.  Wow that makes me feel old!  I started off amazing!  I was selling on accident and didn’t realize I was in sales.  Then I switched industries, started my own direct sales business and knew very clearly I was in sales and all of the sudden I went from awesome to horrible!  I gave away more product than I sold.  Have you ever lost money being in sales?  Me too!

Fortunately I figured it out!  I have now closed over $20,000 in sales in an hour.  I have no problem closing multiple digit deals.  I have learned to be a strong seller.  I emphasize learned because too many people are buying into the story that they are “Just not a sales person.”  That is an expensive story and you can’t afford to buy it!

During the past 16 years, I have studied people, sales tips, strategies, and techniques and then studied people some more.  I have learned that certain things work, and others don’t.  Today I want to share with you some of my weirdest sales tips!  I can’t explain fully why they work, but I can promise you that they do!

popcorn1. Popcorn-Popcorn works in live sales presentations.  If you are a speaker, presenter, or network marketer this one will be your best friend. I heard once that if you put popcorn kernels on the stove and apply heat, but remove them before they pop, that those kernels can never be popped again.  They had their moment, and the moment was missed. I haven’t verified it.  Part of me wants to see if it really works, and part of me doesn’t because it would ruin my awesome analogy.  As you apply heat to the popcorn kernels, for a while nothing happens.  Then all of the sudden you get your first pop!  After that, the pops get closer together and pretty soon you have an explosion of awesome snackiness.  People at live selling events work the same way.  You all know, or should, that if you are selling to a group of people, you need to do a call to action to the group.  If you do the call to action, no one moves, and you just end the event, you are not likely to close sales that night.  But if you will continue to talk and invite the audience into action until someone moves, you will close sales.  You just need your first popper.  Once the first person takes action, the others will follow.  You know that awkward feeling at a gathering where it’s time to eat and everyone wants it, but no one is going first?  That is how your audience feels.  Maintain the conversation until you get your first popper.  You’ll thank me for it!

2. The Tunnel- As I go into any sales experience, I visualize myself entering a tunnel.  I will be in this tunnel for the entire conversation.  At the end of the tunnel, my potential client can choose what direction they want to take.  But during the conversation, we both have no way to move except forward.  Here’s why it works.  How many times have you been in the sales conversation and wimped out, gotten off track, or stopped just short of asking for the sale?  You can’t do any of that in the tunnel because there is no way to move except forward.  This visualization keeps me extremely thorough following my script and helps me dramatically increase my closing ratio.

Contract ready for signature3. The Pen Pass- This sales tip works for any time you are trying to get someone to sign something.  It could be at a vendor booth where you are trying to get them to enter your drawing.  It could be that you are trying to get someone to sign a contract.  You hold the pen for the entire conversation.  Then when it is time for you to get them to sign, instead of handing them the pen, set it on top of the paper in front of them.  They actually sign at a much higher rate than if you hand them the pen directly.

4. The take away- If you’ve ever been in a training with me, you know I am a little feisty. I learned this trick just because people annoyed me on my calls!  Have you ever been in a sales conversation with someone and they are just impossible to talk with?  They have all the answers, or they are full of doubt and reasons why something won’t work for them?  Well, in my early years, I was trying to convince them to work with me.  I tried to talk them into liking me, my message, and my product.  Then I decided I just didn’t care about winning everyone over.  So I started taking my offer away.  Guess what happened?  Those calls ended up going better!  I’m not going to say I close them all.  But there is something about knowing the services you need are about to be taken away that causes people to actually listen to what you have to say.

5. The BFF- This one is also a lesson I learned early on.  I was trying to be so professional!  My knowledge of my products was perfect, my presentation was solid.  But I just wasn’t closing.  I wasn’t relatable.  Now I go into every conversation thinking about that person as someone I have known forever.  They are my BFF for the next hour and I have no one to impress.  I can just go in and share my knowledge.

Business success growth chartI could, and probably will, write a book about all of the sales tips that I have up my sleeve!  But for now, if you are wanting to improve your sales.  Join me Thursday July 16th For Sales Mastery Live.  This is a 2 hour online training where I will teach you how to build a sales system that WORKS!  This is a great opportunity for you to look at how to take your business to the next level!