A good business owner SHOULD always know their expenses.  I talk with business owners every single week, so I know it’s not always true, but it SHOULD be!

business expenses reportI pay attention to how much I pay for Infusionsoft, website hosting, my text opt in service, my payroll and my taxes.  Sometimes the big expenses get the most attention and your smaller expenses get overlooked.  And sometimes the little ones add up and you look at your bank account in amazement that all those little things can add up to such a large amount going out!

However most people don’t realize they have a hidden expense in their business that is costing them thousands if not millions of dollars a year!  It’s stories.

Stories are expensive and you can’t afford to buy them!

We all have stories in our lives.  Stories that play through our mind about why we can’t do something.  Why someone else can’t do something.  And why it won’t work for us.  I know you have them, because I hear them from you on a regular basis. If you are one of my clients, I call you out on them on a regular basis.

business woman with a bookLet me give you some examples. “My team just unplugs every year during the summer.  It’s so frustrating!”  That is an expensive story. So expensive it will cost you your production for 3 ish months of every year.  What if instead your story was, “The summer is the best time of year to find new recruits!  I love working my business during these months because so many people are out and active that I meet the most amazing new prospects and I’m signing up excited people right and left.”

Here is another example. “Everyone is struggling in my industry right now.”  Can you see how expensive this one is?  If you buy that one, you are on your way out of business. Instead replace it with something like this, “This is the perfect time to be in business.  While others check out, I will innovate.  There is always opportunity in any economy.”

And one of my least favorites, “We’ve tried that before and it just didn’t work for us.”  It’s as though you think you are the one exception to the universal laws of success.  Of course it didn’t work because at the time you were probably also buying into the story of, “I’m afraid this won’t work.”

My story is that I get what I want at the benefit of others. That it always works out and there is always a solution. And that success is the natural flow of my life.

Whats Your StoryBe very cautious of stories in your own life.  Be very cautious of buying the stories of others as well.  I listen very closely for stories in my clients. “I can’t afford it” is a story not a fact!  I’ve seen single mom’s with struggling businesses come up with thousands of dollars to pay for a program because they were determined to write a new story.  And I’ve seen women who are supported by husbands with great jobs and money in savings accounts tell me that they want to grow their business but that they can’t afford my program.  If I buy their limiting stories, I cannot afford to pay my bills!

The stories in your mind will write your future.  If you are struggling in your business, I suggest you look hard to find your limiting stories, and the limiting stories of others.  Cancel your subscription and start creating a new future.  Remember, the wrong stories are expensive and you can’t afford to buy them!